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Scaff Tag Holder / Ladder Tag Holder

D-i.D. Tag System

The D-i.D Tag provides a weather & UV resistant cover to Safety Critical information.

The D-i.D Tag was developed to specifically meet the needs of Fall Protection & Ladder installers & users.

The purpose of an Identity Tag on a fall protection system / Ladder is to tell the user at a glance if the safety system is “in-test”. To perform this task successfully the Tag has to be clearly visible & easy to read. A tag which is illegible, smudged or UV faded, does not give the user the information he/she requires, to make an informed decision as to whether it is safe to use a piece of work equipment.

The D-i.D Tag is designed to give the end-user the confidence to make an informed Safety Critical Decision because;

 - It is of a unique two part construction: the back plate holds the Tag snuggly in place and the front cover is transparent whilst providing weather / UV resistance.
 - It is tamper proof - The D-i.D Tag is held in place by a pair of cable ties. The cable ties attach to the Tag holder in such a way as to prevent the removal of the tag without cutting the cable tie.
  - In the event that the Tag insert is removed the Tag contains a warning that the system should NOT be used.
 - The back plate of the Tag is opaque – this is to reduce the possibility of the D-i.D spinning such that the back is visible to the end user & incorrect information is read.
flat roof fall protection barrier
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