Post and Chain Barrier | Roof Barrier System

Post and Chain Barrier System

Post and Chain Barrier Roof Barrier System

D-marc have developed demarcation barrier solutions for flat roofs up to 10 degrees. Applications may be for the purpose of preventing access to hazards during regular rooftop maintenance or to provide safe access across the roof. Wherever roof access is required designers are tasked with creating a safe route which can be identified by a demarcation system.

D-marc is classed as a form of Collective Protection in accordance with the HSE’s hierarchy of risk management as set out within the Working at Height Regulations 2005 (WAHR). The WAHR 2005 Part 3 illustrate the use of a demarcation system as an “example of taking other additional suitable and sufficient measures to prevent a fall” The demarcation system is to be placed a safe distance from the hazard (normally > 2m).

We have successfully patented the Demarcation Apparatus so you can be sure that when you buy our product, you're getting the real deal. View the Patent here

Barrier for flat roof that we have supplied:

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Demarcation Apparatus Patent