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March 23 2021 0comment(s)

6 Common Safety Mistakes Workers Do When Working at Height

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Work at heights is still a significant factor in workplace injuries and deaths. Employee falls from unsecured or poorly secured rooftops and ladders is a major cause of accidents and injuries. Working at heights means any distance that could result in an injury in the event of a fall, usually 6’ and above. One mistake, however simple it may look, could cause serious consequences. This article explores 6 common safety mistakes people make concerning work at heights.


March 16 2021 0comment(s)

How to Effectively Perform a Rooftop Safety Audit: Part 1

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There are quite a number of activities that take place on commercial roofs, including gutter cleaning, servicing of surveillance and security equipment, maintenance and repair of HVAC units, window washing preparation, and snow removal. However, falls from heights, such as roofs, accounts for thousands and millions of injuries every year.

Rooftop hazard assessment is essential to ensure and maintain the safety of your workers working on the roof. Here are primary factors to consider when performing your rooftop safety audit.

  1. Access Points


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